Baby needs

Baby needs

There are expectations for all of us. Some of these expectations are beautiful. A blue blanket for your baby boy. A pink blanket for your baby girl. Painting the baby’s room, choosing a theme and creating a beautiful space for your new baby sounds amazing. New parents, I know you can picture the crib, the mobile - everything. And everyone pitches in! Grandma makes the blankets. Grandpa paints the room.

As you are preparing to have your first child the time is now to harness all this beautiful energy and channel it for your children to produce an outcome that is even more beautiful than the nursery. There are some physical items you need when baby arrives, but they might not be what you think. Before painting and decoration and all the sugar on top, gather your care community in the form of and evite, baby shower, or person to person communication. Use the list below to get ready - and remember - whatever theme you choose for baby’s nursery that LOVE is what that baby needs more than anything. The items below will help you conserve energy and money - so you have more to LOVE that baby like no one else (Besides your partner of course!)

  1. No crib - only Pack’n’Play. In the very near future, you will need a Pack’n’Play (with changing table attached). These things are amazing, and they are the only crib you need. You will use it to travel, it is a changing table, it is cheap compared to many cribs. Ask for this. The baby will be use to sleep in here, so if you have to spend the night with grandma or travel. The baby will more like to sleep better in a place s/he already know.

  2. Yes the swing is necessary. Protect your back. Kids are the best weights for training because they continually get bigger and you get continually stronger. But you just can’t hold the baby all the time. Buy the swing (used is OK) and be happy. The problem with this is that you won’t use it for a long time, but it would save some future bills for your back. So if you want to save money inherit one :)

  3. B.O.B stroller. You need this. The most reliable hard to break stroller. It passes the ultimate test: You can easilly roll it around with one hand and with the other drink your COFFEE!

  4. Bottle set-up. Technology is always changing for the better in this area. Check with your people (those who had babies 3-6 months ago) they will give you tips. This is sometimes an iphone vs. pixel decision. Just make the choice and move on.

  5. A comfortable place for nursing upright. This might very well take the form of a rocking chair. However, it could be a Laz-Y-Boy as well. Please, Dads make sure this place is comfortable and happy for Moms. Your wife will be spending alot of time there. You will use this for a long time, since is very comfortable to read books to the children.

  6. Netflix: Optional but great to have! Something like netflix to watch either together or single while feeding baby during those long nights.

  7. Instant-Pot. Yes you will need this for many years. Might as well get going now and learn how to make deliciouse one-pot meals when time is shorts.

  8. Ninja or other awesome blender. Green Juice and smoothies are your friends. Healthy! Easy! No better combination.

  9. Powerblock Weights. Easy to store. Millions of good YouTube videos. Best way to grab a quick workout at home with little or no time. Start with     

  10. Good Diaper Bag - Indispensible item you can’t live without. More pockets is better. We like the bag pack kind because is more convenient to have in your back while you are holding the baby.

  11. The Pump: Medala is the preferred brand. Many companies and healthcare systems have benefits to get one for free (check your insurance for that).

12. Baby carrier (to walk or hike): Very nice and handy to carry the baby while you get some stuff done.

Here is an extra list of some other items that you will enjoy too :

13. Poppy pillow: Use for nursing and tummy time.

14. Swaddle blankets.

15. Night light.

16. Sound machine.

Babies don’t really need a lot of stuff. they need care, attention and a well taking care mama, so get all the help you can when people offer, all the sleep when you can and enjoy every second of it. They do really grow fast.