The Fifth Practice

The 5 go- to practices to be a happier and better parent:  

Yesterday I wrote about the fourth practice. Click here to read about it. There are five things you need to do everyday. YES you read correctly, every single day, to be a happier better parent - period. I will also tell you how to make it happen … (Everybody is different I know, but this actually works for everybody. YES! I am confident to tell you this). 

1. Exercise

2. Eat healthy

3. Play with your children

4. Invest in your relationship

5. Meditation, pray or quite time (wherever practice works for you)


5. Meditation or pray:
Clear our minds, being grateful. For life, for who we are, for our families, for earth … for all the memories in our lives and people around us.

It is easy to wake up and let a busy day go by without being thankful for so many good things around us. We fill our mind with worries and fill it up even more thinking about those worries all day long. When our mind is full, we are not thankful and grateful. It is not easy to see good things in our lives. If we appreciate people and good memories we tend to be happier.

Meditation or prayer, your practice should include a time of silence. You need reflection to clear your mind and be with yourself. Spiritual practice will help you focus for the day and also help you appreciate life and the people around you. This practice helps us to think positive and have a good attitude about ourselves and life.

I don't want to go in too deep with this idea or suggest too much about it. This is a very personal practice. Spirituality is your choice and what works for you. I choose Spirituality as the fifth essential practice for parents because I think it is very important to create space in our lives.  Parents need some quiet time. There is a lot going on physically and emotional when you are with children so we need to take some deep breaths and take it all in. I mean really take it in, be present for them but clear our minds for us to be happy and healthy.

How to do it: (I am not an expert on praying or meditation, so I will just give you ideas of times you can do it , and you can find the practice that works for you)

  • Wake up 5 minutes earlier than your normal time, and do your practice. 5 minutes is a good start.

  • Put an alarm on your phone at your lunch time at work, find a quiet place and clear your mind.

  • Before bed, find a quiet and comfortable place and do your practice.

  • A book with quotes can help you get started to think positive and be grateful. (you can read one quote per day)

  • A book with short encouraging stories could help too.

  • Just sit and breath … clear your mind for 5 minutes a day.

  • Find a teacher. Sometimes the right author, priest, or friend provides the catalyst we need to get going or stay consistent.

  • Connect with nature and the wonders around you. We all have nature, although sometimes it seems far away. We all have a sky, and our food is a part of nature. Thinking about these connections helps us feel more significant.

You can really do this anytime, anywhere. Just find the time that is convenient for you and your family.