It’s crazy how you don’t realize some of the things that you need. Some things are essential for you. But you don’t “get it” until those things actually happen and you are actually living them. Consciously we know what we need, but actually living it makes the difference.

Being part of a supportive community makes the difference.

We all come from different backgrounds. I was raised by a culture of strong beliefs and strong people. One of the concepts I learned was that I have to do it all, and asking for help was a sign of weakness.  Back then, I thought that the more I did by myself, the stronger I was. “Because no-one else can do it better, right?” and “They don’t do it the way I like.” :) “Also, what if they think I am not capable? or not good enough?“ Well, I was all wrong.

Now, I know I am very important for my family and the people around me. And they are so important to me. I know that I can teach others. But also I have so much more to learn from others. This interaction is a community. Community is very important and powerful.

To be a part of a community, you give yourself to others. You LISTEN to them. Open your heart and you can see life from a different perspective. Be grateful and appreciate yourself and your  family and appreciate the person talking to you and realize that we are all awesome human beings with our own stories to tell.

There are so many examples of how being part of a great community is one of the best things you can do for yourself to appreciate others and learn. I am going to share this one from our Mom’s Retreat.

I was standing up leading a conference, teaching Moms how to connect better with their children. After I gave all my Kind Habits method, it was time for questions and comments. We all started talking and giving examples. We all shared stories, and laughed and cried. It was not just me, the presenter, telling Moms the best way to do things. It was all of us Moms connected, sharing emotions and fears. It was a group of caring and loving women sharing how hard but wonderful is to be a mom and raising amazing human beings. Before it happened,I was so excited about my workshop because of the content I prepared. But the real payoff was the great connection and support we all created helping each other. After this experience, I was so excited about being a mom. I was ready to go home and Love my family… Even more!

I had a great weekend of connection. Thank you to all the wonderful, powerful women that taught me so much this weekend!